Saturday, July 18, 2009

Making World Peace in Japan, July 8, 2009

On July 8, 2009 I travelled to Nagano prefecture in Japan to participate in the Art_plus-jp performance art event at Matsumoto City Art Museum.

This event was organized by well-known Japanese performance artist and performance festival organizer Ms. Kaori Haba, who recently moved to Matsumoto from Nagano City.

Artists from Singapore, Myanmar, Japan and Australia presented various kinds of performance art to a small audience in the evening inside and outside of the art museum.

I presented my ongoing "Making World Peace" community art project that I first started in Korea in 2004.

In this project, world peace is symbolised by a colorful knitted scarf that community members can participate in making.

This was the first time the World Peace scarf project had been performed outside of Korea, and it was very fitting that it should first move to Japan to help heal relations between the two countries.

The Japanese audience members were much more formal and shy about participation than their Korean counterparts!

But through our combined efforts of cutting up a Japanese silk scarf to make yarn, tying the pieces together, and knitting we managed to make 6 centimeters of world peace in a very short time.

A big thank you to all the Matsumoto participants for helping to make world peace!

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