Saturday, April 22, 2006

Artist's CV 2006 - Penelope Thompson

Family name: THOMPSON
Given name: PENELOPE
Date of Birth : 1964 / 05 / 13
Nationality : Australian
Gender : Female
Address : Seoul City, KOREA
Email : thompson_penny (AT) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

1983/84 R.C.A.E., Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. Studies in Diploma of Visual Arts
1987 Adelaide T.A.F.E., South Australia. Certificate of Theatre Arts
1990 G.C.I.T. , Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Certificate of Instructional Skills (teaching)
1994 Noarlunga T.A.F.E., South Australia. Certificate of Contemporary Music
1997- 1999 University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. Bachelor of Visual Art & Design
2005-2008 - University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Masters Degree of Education.

Solo Exhibitions
1998 MCU, Maleny, Queensland, Australia. Solo exhibition paintings and photography.

Selected Recent Group Exhibitions

2004 Feb. ‘Reflective Light’ International Artist’s group exhibition (Opening performance and installation - ‘Portrait of a foreigner in Korea’), Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea.
2004 May ‘The Beautiful Changwon Tree’ community installation and performance, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea.
2004 July. “IDEAL” international group exhibition (Opening performance and installation - ‘Anonymous White Woman’) Okubo Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan
2004 September “International Image” exhibition, BFAA, (Installation ‘Anonymous white woman’) Busan City Hall Gallery, Busan, Korea
2005 May “Transition” Boomerang International Artists group exhibition (installation – ‘Made in Korea’),
In Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2005 Aug. “Black Hole” Boomerang International Artists (video installation) Ginza Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2005 Dec. KEAF, (video installation) Club Tool, Seoul, Korea.
2006 Jan. “Images of Korean Women” (video installation), Regional Gallery, Grand Forks, BC, Canada.
2006 March “Canadian Survival Apron” installation, Provincial Spirit International exhibition, Grand Forks Regional Gallery, B.C., Canada
2006 May "Canadian Survival Apron" installation, Tinhorn Creek Estate Art Exhibition, Oliver, B.C. Canada.
2006 May "Canadian Survival Apron" installation, ArtsWells festival, Wells, B.C. Canada.
2006, August "Raintrees" & "Dreamweaver" installations, Jeju Installation Art Festival, Jeju Island, Korea.
2006, August "Book of Bright Ideas" installation, Books 06, Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia.
2006 September "Book of Bright Ideas" installation, Busan Fine Arts Association, Citizens Hall, Beomildong, Busan, Korea.
2007 June "Canadian Survival Apron" installation, Eumundi Food Festival, Queensland, Australia.
2008 - April "Canadian survival apron" installation, Upfront Aprons exhibition, Maleny, Qld, Australia.

Recent Performances

2004 – Feb. ‘Portrait of a foreigner in Korea’, Reflective Light, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea.
2004 – April. “Beautiful Changwon Tree”, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea.
2004 - July. ‘Anonymous White Woman’, opening of “IDEAL”, Okubo Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan.
2004 July ‘Anonymous White Woman’, BIPAF, Hyundai Theatre, Bucheon, Korea.
2004 August “Return of the Sea Goddess”, Busan Sea Festival, Gwangali Beach, Busan, Korea.
2004 August ‘Anonymous White Woman’ KIPAF, Jikjisa Culture Park, Gimcheon, Korea.
2004 August ‘Anonymous white woman’, Samcheonpo International Open Air Arts Festival, Sacheon, Korea.
2004 August ‘Anonymous white woman’, JUMF, Juan Station, Incheon, Korea.
2004 Dec “Making world peace”, Chilwon Middle school, Chilwon, Korea

2005 Jan ‘Strands of Life’, Wayguks –the art of foreigners, Naewoedong Cultural Centre, Gimhae, Korea
2005 Jan ‘Strands of Life’, Boomerang International Group, Montmartre Gallery, Haeundae, Busan, Korea.
2005 July “Making World peace”, BFAA International Festival, Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan, Korea.
2005 July “The Beauty Myth”, BIPAF, Bucheon Station Shopping Mall, Bucheon, Korea.
2005 August ‘Making world peace’, Dalmaji Philosophy Festival, Dalmaji Park, Busan, Korea
2005 August “Making World peace”, DIPAF, Yeolrin Art Hall, Ansan, Korea.
2005 Sept “World Peace Production Room”, PAAF 2005 Banweol Art Hall, Pocheon, Korea.
2005 Oct “Great Australian Tea Ceremony” Arirang World Festival, Jeongsong, Korea
2005 Oct “Fly Away” Wangsan Performing Arts Festival, Gangneung, Korea.
2005 Dec. “The Beauty Myth” K.E.A.F., Club SAAB, Seoul, Korea.

2006 March “The Canadian Survival Apron” performance, Grand Forks Regional Gallery, B.C., Canada
2006 March “Enlightenment” performance, opening of ‘Move on Asia – Clash & Network’, LOOP Alternative Space, Hongdae, Seoul, Korea.
2006 April “In & Out” and “Enlightenment”, Jeonju International Performance Art Festival (JIPAF 2006), Gaeksa and Wansan Cultural Center, Jeonju.
2006 April “Penny’s World Peace Production Workshop” full day community art event, Hangang Flower Festival, Seoul.
2006 July "The Great Australian Tea Ceremony" & "Illusions" Mokpo Madangkuk Festival 2006, Jeolla province, Korea.
2006 August "The Elements" Goryeong International Performance Art Festival, Goryeong, Gyeongsangbukdo, Korea.
2006 December "Here & Now", opening performance for 'One Art Street' International Art Festival, Busan, Korea.

2007, June "Lake of Dreams" performance for 'Right time' performance festival, Goryeong Arts Village, Korea.
2007 - Sept. "The Beauty Myth #3", Chungju International Performance Art Festival, Chungju City, Korea.
2007 - Oct. "The Beauty Myth #4", opening performance for Goyang International Open Air Sculpture Symposium, Goyang City, Korea.
2007- Oct. "The Elements #2" Goryeong International Performance Art Festival, Goryeong, Korea.
2007 – Dec “Portrait of a foreign artist in Korea, 2007” opening performance, I.C.C. international exhibition, Bukgu Culture & Arts Center, Ulsan, Korea.

2008 - Oct. "Here and Now" opening performance for Korea Contemporary Art '1000 artists' exhibition, Danwon Arts Center, Ansan, Korea.

Other Arts Activities:
1996 -1999 Artist for Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Eudlo, Queensland, Australia.
1999 Assistant artist Asia Pacific Triennial (AP3), Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.
1998 - 2000 Creative arts workshop facilitator, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
1998 – 2000 Musician, composer and arranger in folk and world music styles, Queensland.
1998 – 2000 Singing teacher and workshop facilitator – Maleny, Queensland, Australia
2000 Arts worker, Woodford Festival Visual arts section, Woodford, Queensland, Australia.
2004 Performance art project advisor, Dongju College, Busan, Korea.
2005 Interviewed by Arirang TV, on “Heart to Heart” Dec 20, 2005, Seoul, Korea.
2007 to 2008 - Arts columnist for Korea Herald national newspaper, Seoul, Korea.