Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kechak Performance - Korea Experimental Art Festival 2009

"Circular Sound Circus" presented the interactive project : Indonesian based "Kechak" - a new group project at the Korea Experimental Art Festival 2009 in Hongdae, Seoul.

It was performed at Club 500, Hongdae, Seoul on Sept 13, 2009.
Team members: Ripley Tao (leader) , Penelope Thompson (artistic director), Frank Lev and Lacey Dumler.

Description of performance:
Kechak is based on the traditional Balinese vocal percussion performance, and is sometimes known as the Balinese Monkey Chant. Our team, Circular Sound Circus, attempts to bring groups of people to the rhythm and movements of traditional Indonesian music. An interlocking rhythm, the "Kechak", is easy to learn , energetic, and spiritually motivating.
It is:
> vocal percussion and body percussion.
> group based performance
> audience participation a must

The Korean audience was enthusiastic and picked up the rhythm easily. A big thank you to all the festival staff and the participants who joined the 'monkey tribes' and made the performance a success!

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