Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Bubble, Bubble" performance art by Penelope Thompson, KEAF 2009

“Bubble, bubble” was a brand new site-specific performance work created for the Korea Experimental Art Festival 2009.

On September 12, 2009 audience members had the chance to freely explore the nature of bubbles.

There are many kinds of bubbles that fascinate people - economic bubbles, real estate bubbles, soap bubbles, beer bubbles - but the common nature of bubbles is that they are fragile, temporary and they always burst!

A “bubble” can be an object and can also be a verb:-

“to speak, move, issue forth, or exist in a lively, sparkling manner; to seethe or stir, as with excitement”.

The performance took advantage of the special qualities of a roof top space such as height over the city, spaciousness, open sky and breeze.

The audience members played and interacted with each other with soap bubbles - a simple and universally enjoyable activity.

This art work demonstrated that performance art doesn't always have to be serious - art can be fun. And the act of playing is closely connected with creativity.

Frank Lev, a jazz musician from San Francisco, played light and bubbly saxophone music to set the tone for the event.
Here's a video of the event:

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Anonymous said...

I love Bubbles and am sad I just found out about this. Bravo Penelope on a quirky fun performane of 'Bubble, Bubble'