Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Goryeong International Performance Art Festival

Goryeong International Performance Art Festival was held on August 12 & 13, 2006 at a disused elementary school in the small town of Goryeong, west of Daegu. In Korea many small country schools have closed due to the shrinking population and the trend towards urban living. The Korean government has allocated funds for the schools to be turned into community art centres or villages.

The festival included invited artists from four contries - Korea, Japan, Spain and Australia.The styles of performance were diverse. Some of the other artists are shown below:
Yasuo Fukurozaka, Japan
Shim, Hongjae, Korea
Yun, Myeong guk, Korea
Valentin Torrens, Spain

My performance was called "The Elements",
referring to fire, water, earth and air.

I commenced by laying out sheets of calligraphy paper
on the grass beneath an old pine tree.
I then performed actions to connect with the elements -
filling a bowl with water and aerated it with my breath,
digging the earth, and lighting a candle.

I painted designs on the paper with the water

relating to the 4 elements.

I set fire to the paper which burned away ,

leaving only the wet elemental designs on the grass.

Finally, I blew out the candle

and poured the water over my body.

Below is a video of my performance "The Elements":


Howdy said...

This is Sung han who meet in International performance festival in Goryoung.
Do you remember me? you might forget me cuz it's too short time to remember..^^
I tried to go there at 5p.m but something serious happened to me at that time...that's why i missed it. i've been so afriad of it.
i was so happy to meet you...i hope to see your performance in real someday^^
Take care!

Mryoo said...

This is Meera,your student.
Your performance is impressive.
I hope to see yours in actuality.
Next time, I will go there.
See you tomorrow~!!!

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